Young Girl Electrocuted After She Dropped Her Phone In Water While Charging In The Bathroom (Photos)

A little girl has perished in a really heartbreaking manner after her phone dropped inside the water while she was charging it.

Kseniya P
Kseniya P,  a Russian schoolgirl was electrocuted in her bath after her smartphone fell in the water while she was charging it, according to Daily Mail UK.
The 12-year-old, named as Kseniya P, is reported to have died instantly.
Her distraught mother told police she took a bath when she returned home from playing basketball after school.
The girl was listening to music when her smartphone ran out of power, officers said.
She plugged it in to charge in the bathroom but then phone with the cable attached fell into the water, according to a preliminary investigation.
Her mother was cooking an evening meal and become worried about Kseniya’s silence.
She went into the bathroom and found the girl ‘already dead with her head under the water’.
The phone was floating in the bath.
She called emergency services and tried to resuscitate Kseniya but it was ‘too late’.
Kseniya was the only child in her family, living in Bolshoe Gryzlovo village in the Serpukhovsky district of Moscow region.
Her mother is PA to a senior company manager, and her father works as a driver.
Kseniya was keen on sports and a passionate dancer and skier.
Her dance school said today they were in ‘big grief’ over ‘the death of our beautiful star Kseniya who has died aged 12’.
A friend called Anna said it was a ‘terrible tragedy’.
Comments urged parents to ‘warn their children about the terrible risks of using phones in the bath’.
One comment read: ‘Don’t people know the basic rules of safety and explain them to their children?’
Another said: ‘How many times do we have to hear about such cases?

‘People prefer to to learn from their own mistakes, at the cost of their own lifes, and do not separate themselves their phones even in the bath…’
The case is being probed by Moscow regional Investigative Committee.

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