Woman Divorces Husband Over Weak Erection In Lagos State

A woman has left her husband as a result of his inability to resolve a sexual problem that has been plaguing him. 


A businessman, Mr. Joey Alatise, has dragged his wife to an Ikeja Customary Court, sitting in Lagos State, to dissolve his two-year-old marriage to his wife, Gloria Alatise, over allegations that his she moved out of their matrimonial home because he has a weak erection.
According to NewTelegraph, Joey, 34, told the court that he could not cope anymore as he had waited patiently for his wife to return to the house, but to no avail. According to him, she turned deaf ears to his pleas for her to return home, even though he tried his best possible to ensure that his erection functions properly.
Joey further told the court that his unhealthy joystick was not enough reason for his wife to move out of their matrimonial home, especially since he had already visited hospital for a checkup.
He said: “My Lord, I have visited the hospital and my doctor has assured me that my joystick would function efficiently in a few months’ time. I explained what the doctor said to Gloria. To my surprise, I came back from work and found the house empty; my wife was nowhere to be found.”
However, the court president, Mrs. Ladele Funmilayo, directed the petitioner to plead with his wife once more in case she could change her mind.
She noted that if it was true that Joey truly was suffering from a weak erection, then it was not Gloria’s fault to leave since sexual intercourse was part of marriage.
She added: “Mr. Joey, kindly try to apologize to your wife to move back into the house because sexual intercourse is very important in marriage since it is useful for reproduction.
You took a late decision by going to the hospital after two years of weak erection.” In response, the petitioner, who prayed the court to dissolve the marriage, added that since his wife moved out, he had already remarried and that his new wife was ready to accommodate his condition.
The president advised the petitioner that he should be patient and that there was every probability that his new relationship would end up in series of misunderstanding until he ensured he was physically fit in bed.

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