Unilorin SU Raised 600,000 for student with health problem

A Student of university of Ilorin From The Faculty Of Social Science Had A Very serious health issue “A Tumor On His Left Upper Arm” He needed over 700,000 Naira To Cater For His Medical Bill.The victim was only unable to raise  the Complete fund required for Surgery.

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The National Association Of Pshycology Students Requested Fund From the union to cater for his Surgical bill.

The student Union executives  Under The leadership Of “Comr Reedof” came to rescue and donated a sum of #600,000 (six Hundred thousand Naira) to the Student for his treatment.

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This is a Generous act from the union as they once again prove  how important The Welfarism Of The students is to them

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Family And Friends Are Really Grateful.



  1. With our Money abi???

  2. May God Give Him Good Health

  3. Are we sure they really gave him that money or another way of scamming us??

  4. God Bless The Leaders! So nice of them.

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