Unbelievable: See The Evil Mother Who Starved Her Own Children Until One Died From Heart Attack

A mother has been nabbed and is being made to pay for her brutal acts after she was found out to have starved her kids till one died
Nicole Finn

The heartless mum-of-three was caged for three back-to-back life sentences

Nicole Finn, a 43-year-old evil mum adopted three kids before starving them so much that one collapsed and died of a heart attack on the bathroom floor.
According to The Sun UK, Nicole Finn locked the siblings in a filthy single bedroom before boarding up the windows when she caught them sneaking out to beg strangers for food.
When daughter Natalie became so malnourished she couldn’t stand, the monster stood above her and screamed “since you’re not going to get up, I’m not going to feed you”.
The 16-year-old died in October 2016 from a cardiac arrest brought on by starvation.
Horrified cops in Des Monies, Iowa, found the teen dead on the bathroom floor wearing just a soiled adult nappy.
An autopsy revealed that she weighed just six stone at the time of death, and had no remaining body fat.
Her heartbroken brother Jaden told how Nicole forced them to drink from the toilet bowl – and only let them leave the squalid room twice in the summer before Natalie died.
Police said the home reeked of human and animal waste and the furniture-less bedroom was soaked in urine.
Detective Chris Morgan, from the West Des Moines police department, wrote in a report: “Many animals roamed freely, including well over a dozen kittens and cats.
“There were numerous kennels with dogs scattered inside the residence.”
Twisted Nicole was caged for life on Friday as her remaining kids wept with relief.
Judge Karen Romano said: “The court cannot imagine what kind of mental trauma these children have suffered.”

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