Unbelievable: Frustrated Man Begs People To Kill Him, Offers All His Belongings To Anyone Who Can Do It

man who has obviously become frustrated with life, has taken to social media to beg people to kill him, offering all his belongings to anyone who can do it.

Frustrated Man Begs People To Kill Him
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A Facebook community rallied to save a man who posted a strange ad asking for help to die, in exchange for everything he owned.
The man posted his frightening request on a Gold Coast buy and sell group about 5pm on Monday, horrifying hundreds of fellow users, who were quick to support him and get him to hospital.
‘I will pay someone with everything I own for one favour… anyone interested?‘ he wrote.
He listed his prized possessions including $300 cash, a TV and Xbox One and 360, a PlayStation 2, about 100 games, 60 DVDs, and two laptops.
‘All that if one person grants my request. Not a joke, the favour is simple… Kill me,’ he wrote.
Hundreds of the group’s 39,000 members flooded the thread with messages of support while others figured out where he lived and started driving.
‘Where are you at the moment? Please call someone or allow someone to reach you,’ one wrote.
‘I lost someone to suicide and it doesn’t stop the you pain – those around you will live with the pain you talk of.’
‘There’s plenty out there to live for, sometimes it takes time to find what it is. You may not find it now but you will in time,’ another responded.
A third summed up the position group members were in: ‘What good are your belongings when you’re in jail charged with murder?’
But the man was unmoved by the first wave of compassion, merely offering to write a statement saying he forced the person to kill him.
‘I’d rather get you some help,’ they replied, to which the man said: ‘I’ve tried… but I’m over it… I want to be at peace’.
He knocked back numerous other offers to help, and encouraging words telling him his life was worth more than he thought.
‘No it’s not… A life in this world is worth nothing to me… it is a curse,’ he said.
‘I’ve been in this same spot for 5 years… I want the suffering to end… I want to go to the next world… I hate this world… I just want it to end.’
The group members persisted, giving him more kind words and offering to talk if he needed to vent, while others called emergency services.
Another man drove about 50km from Yatala, and got a personal thank you from the man’s mother for his attempt to save him.
‘I want to apologise. I know this has upset people and possibly triggered others. The messages of support are overwhelming,‘ she wrote in the group.
The mother said her son was ‘really taken aback by everyone’s kind words and encouragement’.
‘[He] is diagnosed [with a condition] and medicated with a big team behind him. Please I would like your members to know how grateful I am to them and that he is OK and being looked after,’ she said.
Police and paramedics eventually attended the man’s house in Burleigh Waters and he voluntarily went with them to Robina Hospital.

Via Daily Mail UK

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