Suicidal Woman Fally Shoots Mother Dead During A Struggle In Their Home (Photo)

Serena Escamilla, 26, who also sustained a gunshot wound to the stomach is accused of killing her own mother following a struggle at their Christie home 

The mother of a suicidal woman was shot dead trying to prevent her daughter from taking her own life. Serena Escamilla, 26, is accused of killing her own mother on May 1 following a struggle at their Texas home.

Esperanza Escamilla, 45, died after sustaining a gun shot wound to her chest while attempting to disarm Serena after she threatened to take her own life over a recent breakup. She was rushed to a nearby Corpus Christie hospital by emergency medical units but later died while in treatment.

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Serena also sustained a gunshot wound to the stomach during the altercation with her mother and spent a week in the hospital before being booked into the Nueces County Jail on suspicion of murder, according to Caller Times. Her bail has been set at $500,000.

Police say the scuffle started after Esperanza became alarmed when her daughter said she ‘wanted to shoot herself’ earlier in the day.The shootings occurred on the 200 block of Blevins Street, near Del Mar College East Campus.

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Officers who responded to the incident were told that a woman ‘had shot herself and her mother accidentally’, the Caller Times reported.

Upon arrival, cops discovered Esperanza on a bed. Serena Escamilla was spotted ‘in the room with her back up against the wall near the bed her mother was on’ bleeding from her torso.

Police investigators said an unidentified man who recently moved in with Serena had initially left the scene with the murder weapon but had brought it back and turned it into evidence a short time later.

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Police said the man was leaving the home when the shooting occurred.

Savanah Plazola, one of Escamilla’s children, described her mother to the Caller Times as the ‘strongest woman ever… Who loved us unconditionally and would’ve done anything in the world for us.’

‘A wonderful grandma, she loved and adored all of her babies. It’s the biggest loss we’ve ever taken. She’s irreplaceable,’ Plazola added.

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