Fake Klay Thompson Banned From Chase Center After Getting Shots Up On the Court

Fake Klay Thompson Sneaks Into NBA Finals BANNED FOR LIFE 4 12 screenshot

A Klay Thompson impersonator made it all the way into Chase Arena and onto the floor of the arena to get shots up before he was realized to be a fake and escorted out the arena. The impersonator is now banned for life.

The impersonator is Dawson Gurley, aka Big Daws, who released a video showing his preparation to become Klay, hitting the bar with friends, fooling an Uber driver, fans and more. Once in the arena, after signing some autographs, fake Klay got off threes, impressively draining a few, before he was ousted. Gurley shared his ban letter online.

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“On June 13, 2022, you entered through the employee entrance of Chase Center prior to a GSW vs Boston Celtics NBA Finals game without a valid ticket, valid credential, or pre-approved authorization by Chase Center, GSW, or the NBA League Office,” the letter reads. “You deliberately deceived Chase Center building personnel by impersonating a GSW employee. Your being in the Chase Center without proper credentials or authorization is in direct violation of the Fan Code of Conduct of Chase Center, GSW, and the NBA League.”

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You can see the video below.

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