Only God Can Save Us – Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari appears to have left the development and growth of Nigeria in the hands of God following the wreckage of the Nigerian ship. 


President Muhammadu Buhari has said politicians have wrecked the country saying only God can save the country.


Speaking in an interview with the Voice of America in Hausa service monitored on Tuesday, Buhari remarked that his administration was on track.


He said his greatest challenge when he assumed office was the issue of insecurity, economy, and corruption.


‘In the aspect of security, we have significantly defeated the insurgency. Right now, most of them have been hiding in Sambisa forest and they can not come out because of fear of being wiped out by the military.


‘What we have now are pockets of suicide attacks orchestrated by young girls who were been lured into it without their knowledge and they carry out the attacks in markets, schools, and worship centres.
Speaking on the economy, the President made decisions to introduce the Treasury Single Account (TSA).


‘When I came in, I called the Governor of the Central Bank, Emiefele, if there was money. He is still around and he told me, no. Then I reminded him that for the 16 years the PDP had held power, the price of barrel crude oil had always been $100 + producing about 2million barrel per day if you compute the amount it was huge money. He said yes. What happened to the money he said it was used for payments of debts.
Source: Tribune

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