Nigerian lady confesses to falsely accusing a guy of rape; says she did it…

Nigerian lady confesses to falsely accusing a guy of rape; says she did it...

In a period of time where justice for domestic violence can bring an abrupt end to one’s free life if the charges were filed against the individual, a lady has admitted that she indeed falsely accused a guy of raping her.

@lafunki who shared the pathetic story on Twitter, stated how the lady faked the story of a man raping her – according to @lafunki, the lady told the faux to the extent that she even shed tears to make it seem real.

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It was only days later that the sister of the lady told @lafunki that the story is actually a lie and that her sister told it only because she wanted to teach the guy a lesson.

@lafunki wrote on her page,

Aiye ma le oo.A girl(an acquintance)falsely accused a guy of rape a while ago….. I believed her and was shouting men are scum…..

all for this b*tch to tell her siser she lied, she wanted to teach him a lesson

Stupid sister too called me and was laughing that her sis is too petty…. petty da wee kill you
Say no to false rape accusations

He wasn’t arrested but a lot of ppl heard about it…. and some stopped talking to the guy…. omo olomo

I don’t even know if she’s on twitter
I’ll do my findings and drag her ass here, I trust my twitter ppl

Baby girl was crying that day
I don’t know how to talk to the guy, walai I’m sad

Her mum reached out to him today, I’ll look for him too…. cos I don’t know him personally

Pathetic init?

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