Nigerian Guy Shares Story Of How Sex Landed Him In Police Station


This is a story, told by an anonymous social media user, who went to a girl’s house for knacks, and everything went south because of her dogs.. LOL ..Read below ;

See i’m tired… First of all let me send out a warning. If you know you have a dog in your compound, please chain it if you are expecting a visitor. That’s how a friend of mine invited me over for knacks. She usually do come over to my place, but this time she said her parents travelled so i should come. I happily went.

On getting there i saw a big dog at the gate. I was like “this una dog no sabi wear chain ?” and she said the dog is friendly. It’s thunder that will stike her and the dog, let me finish first. She managed to chase the dog away so i can enter the house.
When i got in, i saw another puppy and was like nawa o. You too like dogs and she said they are her best friends. Well, she did twerk dance for me then asked if i have porn in my phone that we should try crazy things. From porn i started fingering her, she too started moaning loud and my dick started getting hard….

The little puppy just stood on the floor looking. Jokes apart the looks were suspicious. She asked me to give her head, i pulled her panties and sucked her pu33y. Used my tongue to play her clit which got her vibrating. The whole foreplay got so intense that we just had to do it in the sitting room without minding if the door was open or not.

Although the gate was locked. Well, this girl is a very loud moaner and while we were f**king, she started moaning very loud and i was like should i stop she was like no baby please do not. I continued.

Her moaning increased and i asked again but she said she was enjoying it, i continued. We f**ked for a while and while she was about to cum she started shouting like a possesed human. Body Vibrating and lound moans to the point that the puppy started barking but we ignored him.

After she came we continued, we did doggy, reverse cowgirl, missionary, scissors, spoon style and wheel barrow style. Like it was that crazy…. After a while f*uking, shouting, moaning, vibration adn gbogbotigbo, i finally came.

Checked if the condom was broken and it’s not. We decided to rest cos we were tired. I left the condom on my d*ck like that and laid on the chair to rest. Didn’t know my d was hanging out …

Before i know it this puppy came right under my leg and next thing my d was in his mouth. If you see the way i shouted ehn, lol. With fear and anger i kicked the puppy so hard it ran out, Had to remove the condom and rest properly. SHe came, massaged my p*nis, put it in her mouth nd gave me a mind blowing BJ.

She told me she wants my d*ck in her pussy while we both sleep and i was like wow. We jumped into action and went another crazy round. The second was way better than the first.

She started moaning and the dog started banging, we ignored it till we came and the moment she stopped moaning, the barking stopped. So now it got to the time i was about going, i saw the big dog outsiide and asked her to chase it inside his doghouse. The dog saw me and started barking at me. She went to take it in and the dog barked at her, she tried petting the dog but the dog rather tried to bite her.

She got scared and ran inside. If the owner of a dog could run away, who am i yo stay? I followed her inside and the dog ran after us. It was not funny mehn, stupid girl ran into the room and locked the dog leaving me and the dog in the sitting room, this stupid dog was barking and i started jumping chairs, dribbling the dog.

The puppy joined in an came for me from the other side while i was turning around. This time i had to run outside and jump fence into another compound. Didn’t know i was jumping from frying pan to fire. I landed in a police officer’s compound. 2 bull dogs on chains saw me and started barking.

The owner of the house came outsid, saw me, made phone calls and some policement came to pick me, i was like my own don end. I slept in the cell that night till the next day, In the morning, the owner of the house came and that’s when i found out he is a police officer. He said I came to rob him. I had to beg and explained what happened to him, We both went to the girl’s house with handcuff on me.

She then explained how their dog misbehaved yesterday making me jump the fence and all. She had checked the gate and was still locked so she became worried until now that we came. We had to plead with the officer to forgive me o. I paid 15k for bail and i got released. When i got home, she sent me a text saying ‘i’m sorry baby”

SOrry for yourself.

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