Man Whose Mother Died From Brain Cancer Finds A Note From Her… The Content Will Break Your Heart

A heartbroken man has stumbled upon a note his mother left for him after following her tragic death to brain cancer


A man who lost his mum to brain cancer recently found an emotional note she left for him – and it will break your heart.
Reddit user Maestroderek uploaded a photo of the last letter she wrote for him this week and thousands have been touched by the message.
After looking through her old notebooks, the man realised his mum had been writing letters for him to find.
He said on Reddit: “I just found the notebook today. I think it is really sad, but I am so glad to have it. There are notes going back to 2012 on it when I visited my dad (split family).”
The last entry, written on August 10 last year, particularly stood out for him.
The touching letter read: “I didn’t think this day would come this fast and I had years to write this. I’m sorry I was wrong if it happens that way.
“I love you and I hope you have a great blessed life.
“I love you, Mom. P.S. Make good choices.”
Since the post was uploaded this week on Reddit, it has already racked up thousands of comments and upvotes.
One user wrote: “I’m not crying….I am crying.”
Another said: “Aw man. That’s really nice that you still have those four seconds. It is amazing how something so small and unremarkable can come to mean so much.”
Via The Sun UK

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