Kid Cudi Announces Release Date For New Show, Album & Event

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Kid Cudi reveals a new Netflix series, new album, and new event are coming on September 30. All the upcoming releases center around Cudi’s new series, Entergalactic, which is executive produced by Kenya Barris (Black-ish), that released a couple of trailers last week. Watch the trailer below, the series will follow two young musicians as they balance love and success in New York City.


The adult animated series stars  Timothée Chalamet, Vanessa Hudgens, Jaden Smith, Ty Dolla $ign and Macaulay Culkin all lending their voices to the show.

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“I have been waiting 3 long years for you all to see what I’ve been working on all this time,” he explained in an Instagram caption that previews the series. “My greatest achievement. This project will move you, it will take your heart places and make you fall in love again. I am so proud of every single person involved who helped bring my vision to life. From the animators but more specifically Fletch Moules, to the voice actors, my BEAUTIFUL team at Netflix: The mega awesome cool guy Mike Moon and the ever so lovely and sweet Elizabeth Porter, everyone showed up with their A game and delivered. I LOVE YOU ALL!!”

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Last Friday, Cudi released the new song “Do What I Want” that is set to appear on his upcoming album, also called Entergalatic, which is also set to release of September 30. “‘Do What I Want’ was the first song I did w Day Trip and I locked in w them heavy shortly after to make MOTM3,” he wrote. “I’m really happy u’ll finally get to hear it.”

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Heading to his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio for this trio release. Cudi plans to honest an event called “Moonman Landing.” “Cleveland…where we goin? The moon,” Cudi wrote on Twitter, Wednesday.

Watch the first look for Entergalactic below.


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