“I’m Aware That People Think I’m A Snob” – Chioma Chukwuka Akpotha

As against the general perception that Nollywood actress, Chioma Akpotha, is a snub, she has opened on her real identity and according she only snubs people she doesn’t know. In fact, she considers herself as a very shy person.

Speaking with Sunday Scoop, the actress admitted that a lot of people think she had an attitude problem.

She said:

“I am aware that people think I am a snob, but I am actually a shy person. My job demands that I should abandon who I am. It used to be even worse for me because I went to a single-sex school; so, relating to guys was difficult for me. However, I am adjusting now because of acting.”

According to Akpotha, she tries as much as possible to protect herself and that gives people the impression that she is a snob.

“When you meet me newly, the first impression you get is that I am cold. But I am only trying to protect myself from people I don’t know.

“If I am in a room and I know everyone there, I will be very comfortable and playful. But if I don’t know anyone, I will be cold. I am not trying to blow my trumpet; I am just saying that I need to know you to be comfortable with you,”

she said.

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Despite starting acting at the age of 17, she claimed that she did not indulge in drinking or smoking like some of her peers.

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She stated:

“The way my mother raised us, especially as her first daughter, there was no way I would have lived a wayward life. My late mother would have been a solider if she didn’t have a job. In Igboland, they pay so much attention to the first daughter because she must be an example to the younger ones. Also, I am allergic to smoke and many other things.

I act stupidly whenever I am high, which is not good for someone like me in public because I like to conduct myself well. I had friends who questioned why I did not smoke or drink but if you know who you are, you wouldn’t succumb to peer pressure. However, I am not saying the fact that I don’t smoke or drink makes me an extraordinary being.”

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