Exclusive Interview with HORPSYWEALTH

Can we meet you?

I am IBRAHEEM ABDULAZEEZ OPEYEMI,politically,managerially,socially,known as HorspyWealth from Osun state Nigeria


How you came about your stage name and meaning?

The Name Horpsy Was given to me by my College Lecturer,i am a kind person that love anything social an entertainment,so i represented my formal school then in a comedy and jokes competition and to my surprised,i won the race.

so one day,when we are having DR EDAFE’s class,the man Called me Horpsy,i was surprised because i was nicknamed *Youngzeez* by my mates, the Horpsy Burst my brain because for a lecturer to love someone and still named him or her a particular name,it is rare in any institutions,The man called me with the name and told the class that from my name *Opeyemi*,there
he named me Horpsy….

For the wealth thats after HORPSY
i love helping people both academically and financially
so people changed the name to HORPSYWEALTH.
Which is circulating in all over the state of KWARA TODAY

Tell us a little about Horpsywealth


Horpsywealth !!!
If I should start saying what i know about Horpsywealth
i may not be able to drop the pen today…
But the little i can say about the name is that,though not all know how to pronounce the name very well,sometimes if i check some fans comments with my name on it,i will see something like,HORPSY, horspy,horrpppysy and many more,
The name *HORPSYWEALTH* have taken me to a place i dont even think i can be in my life,(though not yet there but will be there by Godgrace)
People dont really know my real name
but that nickname is something…

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Horpsywealth is know as a comedian buh recently we’ve seen u on some tracks, Are You Coming into Music?

As i said earlier,i am really social
Though my comedy meant mainly for ONLINE
I have not done a stage comedy before
i am only planning on comedy skit soon
I am not that a comedian on stage
i am an Online comedian
I compose jokes every night when everyone is asleep
to the music.

i got my motivation from my school dad(TUNDEXMANIA),He told me something on his convocation day that,HORPSY, ”Am going to the World
and i dont want my name to just go with me like that go in to entertainment and stand on my name so that When next he visit UNILORIN,the freshers that have been hearing the name will not feel bad to shout his name to the world,’

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The music is just a trial,until everything moved well during *MY PARTY* Now to *HERO*

What Inspired Horspsy Entertainment (Label)?

Though,Belief of some Upcoming artists is to get a label for the promotion of their music and songs,there are some Labels in UNILORIN but they serves as dormant to there artists,No hyping,zero assistance and dull promotions,so through these,i brought out a file that will soon makes Unilorin to see the BEST out of the REST….

Your parent’s reaction to your Entertainment line?

What inspired me most is My Family Story Hmmmmmmm I  know if my Dad is still alive,Things might have gone far than these But the very first day my mum saw my Picture and the Graphics of *MY PARTY*She was so happy to listen to my song though from someone’s Phone

The joy of the parent is to see their wards doing well…

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When did you start your Entertainment career?

I started fully last year NOVEMBER 2017

Which of the top artist would you like to record a track with?

That will be KISS DANIEL
because He re tweet a post of mine last year when i post something like his music
and i said i will like to bring him and OLAMIDE to UNILORIN if i emerged………(disclosed)

Do u think Tundexmania will be proud of you right now?

If there is any other word apart from *PROUD OF*We can use it
He is all i have in UNILORIN

Are You Single?
No sir

Thank you for Staying with us but before we go sire, Kindly Drop an advice for All Upcoming Artist!!!

The upcoming Artists should just be focused,Nothing last forever,Horpsywealth today will one day be no more,Do Good,Promote your self and dont proud,see yourself as the man in bottom,but not at the top,even if they will be at the top tomorow.,Here i pen down,
Thank you very much

Have a nice day
Expecting the best from frizzy

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