So Hilarious: Check Out How Man Tricked His Daughters Into Going To School In ‘April Fool’ Prank

A man has managed to trick his daughters into going to school in a really hilarious “April Fool” prank. 

A witty dad has played a cruel, albeit hilarious, prank on his two daughters, The Sun UK reports.
Identified as Philip Boucher-Hayes, the man got his girls up and dressed for school – on a Sunday of all days – before diabolically revealing it was all a cruel trick.
He even faked a text from their school, St Patrick’s, saying they needed to come in to make up for days missed due to snow.
A day before the prank, he announced on Twitter: “I know the evil little s***s have something awful planned for tomorrow morning.
“But they have yet to find out what a truly twisted genius their father is… Wave if you see them waiting for the bus.”
He filmed the girls, dressed in full school uniform, looking truly depressed to be up so early on a Sunday.
His daughters’ sadness transformed into relief when he announced it was just a prank
Their frowns transformed into relief – and a little embarrassment – when he yelled: “April Fool’s!”
“The only reason I didn’t send them up to wait for the bus was I was too lazy to do the lunchboxes,” Philip wrote on Twitter after the prank.
Most parents were unanimous in their praise and appreciation.
“You evil, brilliant genius. And they were even in their uniforms… bless them,” wrote Colm O’Gorman.
Karl Brophy, clearly desperate for some alone time, said: “This beats my sending the kids out in to the garden for a 20 minute Easter Egg hunt.”
And Jim Daly branded Philip a “funny, cruel b*****d” – with a dollop of respect, we assume.
But Paul Hayes issued a stark warning, saying: “Their first three boyfriends will be in direct retaliation for this… Savour it.”

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