Is This A Ghost? You Won’t Believe What A Driver Saw By The Side Of The Road At Midnight (Video)

A driver has been given the shock of his life after he saw a ‘ghost’ right on the road in front of him at night. 

A completely terrifying video has surfaced claiming to show a ghost on an unlit road – before something even scarier happens.
The footage was shot by a motorist as he made his way down a bendy rural road in the early hours of the morning.
His lights first pick up a woman walking slowly on the side of the track, wearing a gold skirt and red blouse.
Both the driver and passenger continue the journey seemingly unfazed by the sight.
But, moments later, another woman is glimpsed wearing the exact same outfit – a traditional garb known as a kebaya.
The car continues to make its way down the road before, a few dozen yards later, the same person is spotted once again.
And when it rounds a corner, a fourth incarnation of the figure in red seems to appear.
This time, it is standing right in the middle of the road and the driver finally loses his nerve.
He immediately reverses his vehicle and speeds off in the opposite direction.
According to Daily Star UK, the moment was filmed at 3.25am in the district of Kulim in the Malaysian state of Kedah.
More than 500,000 people have seen the clip, with some claiming the man filmed the video as a joke.
Others suggested it was simply a stunt to promote upcoming Malaysian horror film The Legend of Pontianak.
Watch the video below:

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