How Female Doctors And Nurses Are Rap3d During Night Duties – Nigerian Doctor Reveals

A Nigerian doctor identified as @_rure_ on Twitter, has made an allegation that female doctors and nurses are raped during night duties.

The doctor stated that people are not being sympathetic to Nigerian doctors who work in very uncondusive environments, insufficient pay and most times with very uncooperative patients.

He further shared screenshots of a chat with a young man who bragged about assaulting a doctor.

It’s this same Nigeria that a woman brought a child to children emergency with no money to buy materials to work and said “I don’t understand these set of doctors that don’t want to spend their money on patients”. But nah, doctors are the problem.

Your children will all be Nigerian doctors too in Jesus name. Na front all of us go meet las las. Nobody to talk of the almost one hour you’ll spend begging the pre eclamptic woman not to leave the hospital who ignores you because ‘in Jesus name’. Comes back after she has been convulsing for over an hour, with herbs rubbed on her…

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Nobody talks of the nights you spend using phone torch to set line for hiv positive patients. One blithering idiot will actually say “it’s what you signed up for” sha. Nobody talks of the nights you’ll spend running to blood bank to sign for blood on credit and almost fight with oxygen men to being oxygen.

Nobody talks of the female doctors and nurses that have been raped when on call/night duty cos no security in the hospital. Nobody remembers health care in Nigeria is cash & carry. You think doctors and nurses use sorcery to help people. And even if you have money, doctors in government hospitals don’t touch money but of course blame them

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Nobody knows that doctors/nurses have to use their own credit to make calls because hospital no get comms system, sometimes na house officer dey manually run to call for help. Hope you’ll all remember you said we are killing you. So when we are no longer here to blame & you people are still dying you’ll know who’s really killing you.


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If the Nigerian health care system was 40% that of Canada’s, had 40% the infrastructure & equipment, paid health care workers 40% what Canadian counterparts earn & had similar staff strength, Nigerians might eventually become immortal.

I should do an open thread of things to blame the Nigerian doctor for.

Madam you have type 4 placenta previa. If you attempt to deliver this baby normally…”the devil is a liar! I will deliver like the Hebrew women”. Goes to TBA to deliver. Comes back to emergency bleeding actively with PCV 7%, no money to buy blood, dies on the gurney.

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