Evil Son Slashes Father’s Throat Then Uses Superglue To Hold It Together (Photos)

In what will come across as a really shocking development, a man has had his throat slashed open by his own son who tried to superglue it back to normalcy.

A son allegedly slashed his dad’s throat, tried to superglue the wound back together and attempted to drown out his screams by turning up the TV.

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Jagdish Mishra, 40, from the city of Basti in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, is being hunted by cops after fleeing when neighbours heard the commotion.

His father Ramdev, 65, survived the attack, but is unable to speak and had to tell police officers what happened with hand gestures.

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On Saturday the suspect reportedly attacked his father but then tried to seal the wound with a brand of superglue called Fevikwik.

Indian media reported he turned up the volume of the TV to drown out his father’s screams, but then locked his father in and fled the scene when neighbours heard him.

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Police officers broke in and rushed the bleeding victim to hospital. They are now trying to track down Jagdish Mishra.

During the Vietnam War, US Army medics successfully used superglue to seal the wounds of troops headed for surgery.

See the photos below:-

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