Bobrisky Shares Experience Of How He Was Sexually Harassed By A Man In Lagos

Nigerian crossdresser, Bobrisky took to his snapchat some hours ago to share the experience of how he was sexually harrasement by a man in Lagos. According to him, the man threatened him with rape.


See what he shared below in his own words:

Girls some men out there are animals pls start walking with some sharp object pls. Such as pepper spray, acid etc. Some bastard need to be thought some lessons

Like last week i was out with my body guards. I told them not to wear their uniform. cos i guess when people see them with me dey run. So that day i walk intto a mall to buy my powder. Then one drunk Bastard came from nowhere

The bastard came and said ” you if we catch u for corner we go fvck you till u give up{ mehnn i never one of body guards hear him. U guys need to see the way my body guard lift him up and throw him like his throwing stones. the guy hit is head

He was bleeding. I was trying to help cos i later felt pity for him but my bodyguard did not allow me wait. cos he know i’m nice and i have soft heart

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