#BBNaija – Day 58 Highlights: Pepper Flavored Tempers, Honesty at its Peak & More Highlights

Did you watch day 58 of the Big Brother Naija 3 reality show?

If you missed it, we’ve got the highlights for you!

Diary Reset

The last 24 hours in the House have been a wild ride and many of the Housemates obviously had a lot pent up inside, that is probably why last night’s Diary Sessions were so loaded.

BamBam’s Breakdown

It is now becoming a tradition that at least one Housemate has a meltdown during Diary Sessions and last night it was BamBam. She said it was due to the fact that she was sick of the other Housemates and how they were trying to make her seem fake when they don’t even know her but it was probably because she was put up for Eviction along with Teddy A, Nina and Cee-C. She expressed her deep love for the Big Brother brand and how much she has enjoyed the game but that she was just so tired of the Housemates. All but Teddy A of course.

Alex’s Rant

Alex always lets it ALL out during her Diary Sessions and last night was no different, she was utterly infuriated at the fact that Khloe was back in the House and particularly perturbed that Khloe told her “I gave you my man“. She also went on and on about Leo, stating that no one understands her like him and that he is the only person that could calm her down in the House.

Stay Cool

While there may be a lot of oestrogen in the House at the moment, last night the guys kept it very cool in the Diary Room. Teddy A, who is up for Eviction was as cool as ever, but he did state that he is sick of all the pettiness in the House and uses smoking as an escape. Tobi was elated as he had just won HoH and gotten his strike removed due to the game reset, Miracle was chattier than usual but still chilled and quite positive.

It’s Complicated

Lolu‘s Session was another interesting one as Biggie put him on the spot about his current situation with Anto. He looked sheepish and acted as though he did not know why Anto was feeling different towards him. He did say that he would make a point out of having a conversation with her soon to figure out the exact source of her anger towards him.

A New Leaf

Cee-C appears to be taking the Game Reset seriously and is doing her best to turn over a new leaf, it could be that she is fearful of Khloe or just plain disappointed in her past behavior but yesterday she hashed out her issues with Nina and last night, after the Diary Sessions she chatted calmly to Khloe. She told her about her issues with Tobi and treaded lightly, something we have not seen from Cee-C in a while.

Minimie Task Part 1

It looks like early birds do catch the fattest worms after all because the Housemates have just been Tasked. We guess the Reset wasn’t limited to just the game as Biggie seems to have extended the notion to all things House related and today, the Housemates are going on an adventure.

Adventure Time

For today’s Task, the Housemates have been given three hours to individually prepare noodle inspired meals that they’d be carrying as take-aways. Upon preparation, the Housemates are to ensure that the meals are enough to last them for the duration of the adventure and knowing Biggie, the adventure might just last a full moon and a half.

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Spoon or Spatula?

This may simply be a Task to those that have graced the kitchen and are very familiar with mass meal preps but for Housemates like Lolu, Alex and Teddy A, this is both a challenge and a Task; challenging in that they are to succumb to the unfamiliar smell of seasoning and the tingling sensation given off by sliced onions. This is not because they have two left hands, blocked noses and numb tongue senses when it comes to food preps, but because they’re seldom seen pot-in-hand in the kitchen. We might be wrong though because Alex and Lolu seemed to have embraced the Task fully. Teddy A on the other hand seemed to have been given a different Task brief, one that required him to stare vainly in the mirror and simply grace the kitchen with his fabulousness; but this quickly changed when his turn came because he showed us that he knows the difference between a spoon and a spatula.

Biggie hadn’t mentioned anything about Housemates not being allowed to prepare meals for each other so, our guess is that some Housemates will take full advantage of that loophole. While the they gathered purposefully in the kitchen, the bell rang and an army of Ninjas, probably led by Ninja 4 walked into the House and carried all the seats away; part of the adventure maybe? Let’s watch and see.

Pepper Flavored Tempers

The Reset was like a cargo plane with loads of drama in transit and we think the week’s theme should be reconsidered. Yes the Housemates are learning to survive but the drama seems to hover way above their survival skills. From Anto and Khloe’s unexpected return to spicy confessions during the dice game and now a heated argument between Nina and Cee-C that stemmed from absolutely nothing, the Housemates might just need a ninja to babysit them because their claws can’t get any sharper than they are now.

Not On My Plate

Apparently, Nina ate from Cee-C’s plate and upon realizing this, she told Nina she could have the rest of it as she was clearly annoyed by the act and found it quite disrespectful. The whole thing went from conversation to disagreement to brawl real quick. While Nina clearly took it as a joke, Cee-C was utterly infuriated by it all and they started screaming at each other. Just as she had done with Alex, Cee-C insulted Nina, calling her stupid and useless among other things. Nina wasn’t as silent as she usually was though because in her own unconventional way, she defended herself and threw in a few verbal punches in there too.

Futiloe Mediation

Khloe did try to mediate, arguing that there was no need for the two to address each other so disrespectfully but that too proved ineffective and the brawl turned into Khloe VS Cee-C. The surprising thing however is how Cee-C’s attitude changed when dealing with Khloe, it’s like she’d lowered a volume a little bit and swallowed the insults. This small detail may further emphasize the fact that the other Housemates find it easier to hover over Nina.

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According To History

The Housemates had their luxury time snatched from them when Biggie handed them the day’s Task and judging by their overall demeanor pre-Task, they weren’t completely for it, so the bad moods and snappy attitudes could have started from there.It was clear from the onset that Nina and Cee-C weren’t the best of friends and judging by Cee-C’s superiority complexes and Nina swimming in her inferiority, the two were bound to clash on more occasions than one.

Minimie Task Part 2

As if it wasn’t enough that the Ninjas took away all the seats and beds in the House, Biggie pulled yet another elephant from his magic hat and had boxes with the Housemates’ name boldly written on them delivered.

Boxes For Home

We’re pretty sure that they Housemates had a bit of an idea why the boxes were brought in but they certainly didn’t expect to be boxed for a good six hours and have a quarter of their Wager win dependent on their contained obedience. Biggie delivered a brief stating that they were to remain in their designated boxes and any type of movement that would result in the lifting of the boxes were strictly prohibited. The adventure boxes were meant to help the Housemates think outside the box (we know, the irony) and spark their creative currents. However, the Housemates seem to be very bad at interpreting instructions because Biggie clearly stated that they were allowed to move about, in the confines of their boxes of course but they didn’t necessarily need to dead silent.

We Are Survivors

True to the weeks ‘survivor’ theme, the boxes are very symbolic is stepping out of one’s comfort and embracing not so comfortable realities. The fact that the Housemates’ movements were limited their little cocoon boxes makes this Task that much more difficult; moreover, limiting the Housemates to a single meal option couldn’t have helped ease their anxiety and we wonder just how they’ll be feeling about noodles right after this.

If you ask us, this adventure was the universe’s way of repairing broken cords and ridding the House of the stench left by the quarrels. There was so much noise, deadly sharp stares and so much tension that we could literally gauge it out with a spoon.

Minimie Task Part 3

To whoever ever thought that there may be any fun in living in confined spaces, today Housemates proved them wrong. Having entered into the boxes for entertainment turned out to be quite the ordeal for the Housemates.

Caged and Silenced

After more than four hours of silence, Biggie instructed them to move their boxes to the living room for it seemed Housemates had not fully understood the instructions. Biggie had only told them to move under the boxes, not to stay mute for so many hours, which had they grasped would have made the Task much more pleasant for them.

The Sound of Freedom

So when Biggie’s voice thundered in the House after the hours-long silence, Alex, Rico Swavey and Cee-C lifted their boxes and walked to the lounge, revealing the little abodes they had built for themselves with snacks, bottles, pillows and blankets. All other Housemates had managed to move their boxes by clumsily crawling in the right direction. It made for a hilarious mini traffic jam, as one by one, Housemates bumped either into walls or into each other’s boxes.

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Getting Closer

Being closer to each other, though still under boxes, had conversations started. For all the most difficult part had been to hold on from a bathroom break as Anto and Khloe repeated. Yet it turned out that some Housemates had used other means to ease themselves from under their cages. While Alex, Cee-C and Rico had been disqualified, consequently losing the chance to compete for the Head of House title next week. The trio moved to the bedroom where they were grumbling about their fate.

At last when Biggie called all Housemates to come out of their boxes, they were the more delighted to learn that this sacrifice had helped them secure the first twenty-five percent of their Wager.

Honesty at its Peak

Since Anto and Khloe returned to the House, the dynamics have slightly changed, the energy has changed for the good according to BamBam. Yet after Housemates regained their freedom, it seemed that the confinement Task has had a positive effect on their speech abilities.

The Future is Bright

During the Diary Session, Teddy A admitted that a future with BamBam would sort itself and he could foresee complications in his real-life relationship. BamBam seemed to share his view for she said that she didn’t have that confidence that outside the walls of the House they would work. Nina on the other hand was forthright that she expected Miracle to be nothing but a friend for she had a boyfriend. Miracle seemed to be comfortable with Nina’s position, for she had very early on told him about her boyfriend and that he also had a love interest on the outside.

Try Me

The biggest revelation of the Diary Room came when Anto had walked in and upon sitting on the Chair, buried her head in her hands and cried. Even Biggie was surprised so much so that he asked her how often she got the opportunity to be human, to which Anto replied not too often, adding that she felt she put herself under a lot of pressure. During her short time outside of the House, Anto confessed to having learned that Lolu had been sending messages to someone in his Diary Sessions. She told Biggie that if there were no rules, she would have slapped Lolu the minute she walked back into the House. She said she deserved honesty and felt she had been led on.

I’ll Slap You

Earlier Lolu had said that he sensed she wasn’t giving him attention and that he would have loved if she confronted him. Decided as he was to win her back, Lolu made a lengthy poetic plea to Anto who listened to all of it, yet didn’t flinch for a split second. What do you think will happen to Anto and Lolu?


Have you been watching? What did you think of the Day 58 activities?

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