‘He Asked Me To Be His Girlfriend On Friday But Got Married To Another Lady On Saturday’ – Lady Reveals Shocker

A young woman has revealed the shock she got recently when she went to a wedding only to see a man who had already asked her out, getting married.

A young Nigerian lady got tongues wagging on social media with an interesting story she shared recently.
Identified by her handle @Mz_pawsh, the lady revealed that she accompanied a friend to a wedding ceremony only to get the shock of her life while at the event.
According to her, she found out that the man who was getting married was actually the same man who asked her to his girlfriend just the day before.
Below is how she told the story (sic):
“I didn’t want to talk about this before, but I can’t just keep it in again.
“Can you just imagine ?!
“So a friend of mine invited me to a wedding, i was reluctant about going but since I wasn’t doing anything at home today, i decided to just follow her. At least to help boredom
“We got to church  late as you know now, à girl has to slay… bride and groom were already sitting so I couldn’t get the chance to see their faces until the pastor was about to join them.
“Y’all know how they say all those stuffs first and then the pastor asks bride and groom to come out so the joining  will start.
“I still wasn’t able to get a glimpse of what they look like because i was far from the altar. Pastor asks groom to say his vows, and then the bride.
“After that, it was the “if you don’t want these two to get married”.. blah blah blah time…
“Nobody stood up..Great
“Time for you may now kiss the bride. After they sha kissed, they both faced the altar and that was when i got the shock of my life !
“Couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the groom. This was the  guy that I met at a club on Wednesday…
“Meeting him wasn’t the issue though. Can you believe this guy actually asked me to be his girlfriend yesterday Friday. Yes !!! Yesterday !!!!!!
“I just couldn’t hold myself and told my friend I have to leave cos I’m sure if i had stayed there any longer or gone for their reception, I’d shame this guy….
 wonder how many girlfriends this guy has even on his wedding day !
“Ladies, be careful… Men are scum !”

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