OMG: See What Police Did To This Woman Because She Was Driving ‘Too Slowly’ (Photo)

Woman Arrested For Driving Slowly And was  made to serve some sort of punishment after she was reportedly spotted by the police driving too slowly on the road.

arrested for driving slowly

Qiaoyon Wang, a 39-year-old Chinese tourist ended up behind bars after been arrested for driving slowly  driving thirty miles under the speed limit on a holiday to east Yorkshire in the United Kingdom.

A report by The Sun UK shows that Qiaoyon Wang blamed her fate on “cruel” police after she was pulled over and arrested for driving slowly and erratically, the Hull Daily Mail reports.

The hapless tourist had been in the country for just four days before having to spend 15 hours in a police cell when she was unable to pay the on-the-spot £100 fine.

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The 39-year-old, who was on her way to visit friends at Hull University, became “confused” after a police BMW estate car came up behind her hired Ford Focus and flashed its headlights on the A63 at Hessle.

Andrew Stirling, prosecuting, said a constable in the marked police car became “concerned” about her driving at 40mph on a 70mph dual carriageway.

“Miss Wang was wandering from lane to lane for no apparent reason.” he said.

“She did also apply her brakes for some reason at that point.”

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Mr Stirling said there was “some disagreement” between the officer and Miss Wang at the roadside, and she said she “wanted to be arrested” because she could not pay the fine.

But mitigating, Lawerence Watts said there was failure in communication and that Miss Wang was unable to understand her interpreter.

Miss Wang admitted driving without due care and attention through a Mandarin Chinese interpreter.

She had been visiting friends in Sheffield, where she used to study in the early 2000s.

Janice Petherbridge, Chairman of the Bench, told Miss Wang: “We have heard what has been said today about the circumstances, and we feel the fact that you have spent approximately 15 hours in custody is sufficient punishment for this offence.

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“We therefore make an absolute discharge, which means that will be the end of this matter.”

Mrs Petherbridge added: “Enjoy the rest of your holiday.”

Miss Wang will head to Edinburgh after her stay in Sheffield, before leaving the UK on March 1.

“I think the police were a bit cruel and showed no mercy,” she told the Mail.

“But I like England. I met some very nice people today, including Lawrence the solicitor at court.”

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