AAUA Increases School Fee From 25k+ To 120k+ (Read FULL Details)

The management of Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba, a state owned university in Ondo state shocked student this morning as students logged in to the portal to know their fee for the next academic session, which starts on Sunday 8th of April 2018.

And the school fee ranged from 120000 – 150000 depending on faculty for returning students, and atleast 180000 for freshers.

It will be noted that the students have been at home since 9th of January when the last academic session ended and nothing was said about resumption until there were several agitations on social media telling the government of the state as well as management to stop keeping them in the dark over resumption as no excuse was given for the school’s close down as well as not to carry out their plan of increasing the school.

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The governor of the state however said on several occasions that the school fee is too meager and can’t even buy a good shoe, but denied the school fee will be up to 200,000 as initially rumored.

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The students have been expressing their discomfort online as many claimed they can’t afford the fee and the next line of action is yet to be known.

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The question now is what will be the fate of the children of the masses? Who found it difficult to pay the school fee even when it was 25000+, and had to pay fine for late payment on several occasions.

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